Bio: T.J. enjoys reading and writing Young Adult novels with a supernatural bent. His first novel, Dead Winter, is currently unpublished and awaiting a loving agent that shares his vision. He is now working on his second novel, Legacy: Volume One, Awakening. He lives with his wife and their three children in the shadow of Chicago, the world’s greatest city.
You can leave a message at the bottom of this screen or contact him on Twitter @TJSalazar3. He will get back to you as soon as possible.



Dead Winter: Sixteen year old Winter Fayre’s struggle for survival in a world gone mad. A plane explodes over O’Hare Airport, causing a huge stir at Millbury Academy. Winter navigates through the gossip caused by the explosion, only to find her world torn asunder by ravenous hordes of the undead. Joined by her four friends, Max, Maddy, Titan and Lexi, they must escape the death trap of Millbury Academy and the chaos of a city at war.
Dead Winter is currently unpublished and being shopped around to several agents. The first few pages are posted on this site’s homepage, if you’d like to get a feel for it. As soon as it becomes available, I’ll let you know pricing and where you can find it. It is complete at 98,319 words and 393 pages. Look for updates on the sequel, Ascendant(working title) coming soon.


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