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Amazing character/setting birthdays

Okay, so I realized something today that had me both kinda freaked, but also crazy excited at the same time. For those who know me, you know I’m an avid tabletop role player as well as a fiction writer, and have been doing both for a very long time (approximately 30 years).  While enjoying my cup of coffee and obnoxious nicotine habit this morning I was thinking of my next writing project, intersped with random ideas for the game I’m currently running with my wife, and the weirdest thing happened, I realized I’ve been using the same characters for almost a decade. That set off yet another series of random light bulbs flaring to life in my skull.

Holy crap! My fantasy world, the one I created through blood, sweat and tears (along with zillions of character deaths), was almost thirty years old! Hayven ( the aforementioned world) was the first setting I ever made, and while it has grown over the years, it has never really changed.  Like a child, it has matured along with me and adapted to my peculiar tastes. I’ve watched kingdoms rise, petty dictators exiled or killed, whole lines of families march to the beat of time in this tiny little piece of my imagination, and it’s glorious!

Another if my creations, The Asoriason vampires, are almost a decade and running.  I have a series of short stories written about this, the most powerful vampire family, (maybe I can post them if anyone is interested), but mostly they have been for my tabletop games. I’ve watched this collection of characters struggle to find their place in this world for so long and fight to keep their family together by any means necessary, that it becomes physically painful to say good bye to them when it’s time to pack up the game.

What I’m trying to get at here, before this gets overlong and crazy, is this: take a minute to really look back and remember to enjoy these people and places you create. Celebrate their accomplishments and offer a kind shoulder to cry on when they are miserable or hurting. You are their outlet, their friend, their mother or father. Nurture them as you would you’re own family.

If anyone is interested in seeing some of my work posted here, let me know. It could be fun to share these guys and gals with an eager audience. If you have any questions as to what I write or the games I play, contact me through this site, Twitter or Facebook.

Until next time.



Maybe published?

It has been a long time since I’ve updated this site or wrote anything for that matter.  The truth is I fell into that lovely routine of life, you know the one, living day to day devoid of any real creative thought.  That’s where I’ve been.  I escaped the suburbs of Chicago and fled to Southern Illinois where life is infinitely different, but with odd similarities.  Between the job hunting and the relative newness, not including the vast amount of stress a move like that brings, I somehow forgot the simple joy of just writing to write.  Now that everything is settled, the itch to create is beginning to reemerge and with it the need to get my stuff out in front of people.

My first novel, Dead Winter, may very well be on its way to being published as I write this. I decided to go with Page Publishing, a hybrid self publisher, in order to test the waters.  I’m actually a lot more excited about it than I thought I’d be, while still having a kernel of the hated reluctance at trying something new.  I’ve weighed all the pros and cons, done my due diligence until I’ve bled, and I think this is the right fit for this novel.

So with that out of the way comes the next hard part, starting a new journey with a new project.  Dead Winter means so many different things to me, I’m not sure if I can top it.  That, in its own way, seems to be stalling my ability to write.  Weird how something you love can strangle you like a jealous lover, right?

As it stands now, I have several ideas that shine through the miasma of doubts and insecurities and scream to be put to paper, I’m just not sure which one is loudest or most insistent.  I’d like to write a sequel to Dead Winter, seeming as I feel things were left in a way to encourage more to the story, but a series is a difficult and daunting proposition to undertake…and rewarding as well.

I’m going to end this before it gets overlong.  Writing, I’ve found, is just like life.  In life there are bursts of happiness, punctuated with soaring elation, frustration bordering on insanity, and real opportunities to see what exactly you are made of.  Like any great ride, it’s fun as hell, but sometimes you need to take a break in order to build up the excitement once more.  I’ve taken several of those, mostly due to insecurities and fear of success, but I’m ready to ride again.

Let the fun begin.